A Tiny Bit About Me

A few years ago I began to take in, appreciate, and value all of my God appointed roles in life and what each of those entailed. What are those? I am a believer in Jesus Christ who is thankful for His unending grace, a wife to the love of my life, a stay at home mom to 3 sweet kids, an only child to amazing parents, and a friend to some pretty special people. And in an effort to share these life roles, all the while applying scripture, I felt led to write! All praise to God I now humbly add to that tiny list of roles that I am a novice writer!

Each role has come with a little here and a little there of different kinds of experiences, thoughts, opinions, and lessons learned (those aren’t always fun, eh?) Each of these vary from being serious, light hearted, fun, and some pretty boring (haha), but all very real. You see, our lives are made up of a ton of tiny moments that make up a GREAT story, ours!