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Better Late than Never

I was reading my bible when something caught my eye. It was the bag full of winter gear that Ruben’s 2nd grade teacher had given to us just earlier that day. She had already been on my mind all day when I started to think about my first meeting with her a little over a year ago, and I immediately felt a tug at my heart.

We had had a difference in opinion during a parent teacher conference and I let the flesh guide my reaction. The tone with which I spoke was full of attitude and arrogance, and at one point it had no longer become a conversation. I wanted to be heard and that was that. My eyes became teary and I felt ashamed because for so long I took pride in these characteristics. I always justified this behavior by placing myself into the “strong opinionated woman” category. I know now it was because I was in a very bad place spiritually. Sure, I was a listener of the Word but I was not a doer of it – at all.

My walk with Christ started only 2 months later, and that side of me has been the hardest transformation to date. I pray often that He armor me with all His characteristics in order to be a reflection of who He is to everyone I encounter. Someone whose tone is quieter, softer, and more humble.

I knew God was using this as a teaching moment. Who I had been was staring right at me: This lovely woman, after finding out that we were moving out of state, had been so kind to me inspite of how rude I had been to her by giving me her winter gear. And here I was reading Ephesians that tells us:

  • no foul language should come out of your mouth, but only such as is good for needed edification, that it may impart grace to those hear.
  • All bitterness, fury, anger, shouting, and reviling must be removed from you.
  • Learn what is pleasing to the Lord.

What could be pleasing to the Lord after having done the opposite of everything  I had just read? It had been over a year already! I knew what I needed to do and that was to ask for forgiveness! So, after more than a year I text her (probably should have called now that I think about it – 2016 problems) and I apologized for my behavior. She showed me such grace and we “chatted” for almost 35 minutes!

I had completely forgotten about this incident, but I’m so thankful that God set forth in motion a moment that allowed me to reach out to her. God’s timing is perfect!

3 thoughts on “Better Late than Never

    1. After “venting” to the hubs… And now reading this. Hmmm… Wish I would have read this an hour ago… Before my “vent” aka “rant” aka “ungratefulness” aka “complaining”. Ay, I hope I can learn and change my ways as well. So fantastic that you have recognized that and now be a nice example of the changes we can make within ourselves when giving ourselves to the Lord.

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