No Days Off 

Waking up sick during the week when you’re a stay at home mom: There is no calling into work and you don’t have sick days accumulated. So, you lay in bed staring at the ceiling trying to find the energy to accept the day that lies ahead of you.

I have a school aged child and one that is still home with me. The child that is still home isn’t too concerned that you’re dealing with a cold. They will still need (and expect) to be fed, dressed, and entertained. Somehow you happily oblige giving it your best effort. Often times, when sick, it’ll look like easier meals, letting them pick whatever they want to wear, and becoming much more lax with ‘clean up, clean up, everybody does their share’ Did you sing the song while reading that? I did!

Let’s skip to the afternoon. Sure, my oldest is much more independent, but helping with homework is challenging when you can’t stop coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose. I’ll also add that the last time I got sick we were in the middle of prepping for moving out of state only a few days later. Cringe with me please. All of this while your body is begging you to rest and sleep.

There is a beauty in this or so I tell myself that now that I feel better. Hah. The first thing is the strength that we find within ourselves in order to still make the day(s) run somewhat efficiently and with happy kids! You go to bed at night and wonder how you did it or how you’ll do it the next day! In my case it was a godsend when my mom came over the next day to help out; therefore, giving me the chance to rest … a lot.

Let’s remember Philippians 4:13 that tells us we can do all things through Him who strengthens us. Guess what? God doesn’t have days off either so you can always count on Him to provide for you and sustain you when you most need it!

One thought on “No Days Off 

  1. Amen! A mothers work never stops. Even when your on vacation you are constantly thinking of your kids and checking up on them. Being a mother is one of Gods greatest blessings.


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