The Art of Moving 

In the 14 years I’ve known my husband we have moved 10 times. Crazy, huh? Let me share our journey. 

Move #1: 

Our first place was the cutest 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment. We were really happy with it; no issues. Out of no where though, as it came time to renew the lease, we made this insane decision! Continue reading please. 

Move #2:

The decision was to rent a house and have both of our mothers live with us! Our hearts really were in the right place. We wanted to help them out financially and thought this could work. Long story short, it didn’t work. All is well with everyone, thank God. 

Move #3:

After that move went horribly wrong we moved into another apartment, a little bigger, to only have to cancel that lease because my husband took on a traveling position that provided housing. We lived in Naples, Fl for a bit and then Vero Beach, Fl. 

Move #4:

Once that was up we were ready to buy a house in South Florida, but this is when the market was nuts! So, we kept an open mind and found a small (very small) city with new construction homes for inexpensive. Just like that, we were homeowners. 

Move #5:

Well, two years later we were quite unhappy in this very very small city and the market – along with the value of our home – had crashed. We did a short sale on the house and moved back down to South Florida. We had found a cozy home for us 3 (I had my son already) and we were thrilled to be back home – we both grew up in South Florida all of our lives. 

Move #6:

Well, less than a year later we found out that the house we were renting had been in foreclosure and it was about a month away from being auctioned off to the public. After consulting with a lawyer we made the decision to not pursue anything, and simply find somewhere else to live. Sigh, again – here we go. I never did like the townhouse for move #6 too much. We had felt rushed to pick something because of the auction status of the previous home we were renting. It didn’t have any natural light and there was no outside space to entertain. It’s also where my husband and I almost got divorced. Definitely, not a good move. 

Move #7:

With time, my husband started his first upper management opportunity with work and it was about a 1 1/2 hour commute so you know it … we moved. 

Move #8: 

After a year in that new place we were finally in a position to buy a home again. With baby #2 having just arrived it was perfect timing. Just like that , we were homeowners again. 

Move #9:

Unfortunately, we bought the house at the top of our budget. After 3 years of making very bad financial decisions we were introduced to a financial ministry through our church. It changed our minds and most importantly our hearts to the Lord. We sold our home, gave, paid off debt, and saved. We downsized from a 2100 square foot home where each of my kids had their own room and a playroom to a 2 bedroom apartment and we had never been more at peace. 

Move #10: 

It just happened – probably a week ago. We live in Pittsburgh, PA now (more to blog about that ASAP) We knew when we sold our second home that moving out of state was something we would seriously consider. With my oldest being 8 we knew it had to be sooner than later. Our finances were in order and we had made (continue to make) serious lifetime changes and commitments to how we used our time, talent and treasure. We took a leap of faith and every single step here has been a smooth one. Thank God. 

There you have it! Putting it on paper and reading it back is surrral. I underestimated how much each move with its reasons and outcomes has shaped me individually and in my marriage. I don’t have any regrets really because in the chaos of it all we must have done something right! I look at my kids and they are happy, at peace, well adjusted, and well behaved. I’m not naive. I know, like us, its shaped them. But it’s been a positive experience thus far. 

Move # 11 is almost inevitable because we will buy a home in Pittsburgh at some point. If God’s plans align with ours then move #11, whenever that is, will be our forever home. 

Until next time! 

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