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Birthday Blessing

For a little over a year I have made every effort to glorify God in everything I’ve done, haven’t done, said, and not said. So, as my birthday slowly approaches this year my heart is feeling tugged in a different direction. I used to crave (and would LOVE) all the attention directed towards me. I’d make plans, requests, and demands on a day that celebrated me and all my good deeds. Notice the trend? Me, me, and more me. Last year, as I had just started my walk with Christ, I opted for a quiet breakfast with my loving husband and adorable two kiddos. It was lovely and I remember wanting the year to be one of taking in the simple and mundane parts of life. With God on my side I did just that, and it has been vital in the maturing of my faith. Anyways, I know this birthday needs to be different. I’ve been hesitant to even post this because as Christians we’re called to be secret agents (reference taken by a Beth Moore video). You know, do a good deed and keep it between you and God. Be that quiet and gentle spirt that 1 Peter 3:4 asks of us. Nevertheless, God knows my heart and He knows this is far from where my heart was before I surrendered myself to Him. It’s not coming from a place of attention seeking. I reflected on Psalm 139:13 that reads “For You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Isn’t that beautiful? I am here on this earth living life and all that it entails because of God ❤ So, I made a decision to find a way to glorify Him on my birthday as well. I’ll be giving back to those less fortunate. I found a few food banks in my area, and I look forward to donating some items. The purpose of sharing this is not to tell you to not celebrate it with loved ones. I enjoyed my birthday lunch with my family, the thoughtful gifts, and I am especially excited for a birthday breakfast with some new friends I’ve made here in Pittsburgh. The purpose is to challenge you to remove yourself a little bit from your day (and every day really) and go out there and help others in need of it. God bless.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Blessing

  1. That’s beautiful! What a great way to honor God on our birthday by doing what He called us to do-be light in the darkness! Im with you one the me, me, me birthdays! At least I spent a whole weekend with you once 😉

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