The Word

No Exceptions 

The unborn, the liberals, the conservatives, the pro-lifers, the pro-choicers, the illegal immigrants, the legal citizens, the minorities, the majorities, the heterosexuals, the homosexuals, the transgendered, the young, the old, the Christians, the  Catholics, the Muslims, the Jews, the Lutherans, the rest of ALL the religions, the ones who are vain, the ones who are prideful, the ones who judge, the ones who gossip, the quiet ones, the ones that pray, the atheists, the poor, the rich, and yes, even Donald Trump (GASP!)  None of these and then some are the exception to this commandment. We ALL fall short of His grace because no one is perfect. Remember John 8:7 tells us that he without sin cast the first stone. Try to make sure to not be the person who defines what sin is worse than the other (that’s God’s job). But hey I’ll love you too! I read recently that disagreement does not equal hate. I’ll add that love does not equal having to agree with your views.

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