Fit 'ish'

Workouts While Prego When Overweight 

I googled other words that sounded nicer than overweight but then it clicked. I’m not plus size, full figured, thick, curvy, or whatever other word is out there to cover up what’s really going on: I am overweight! Sure my body shape is a curvier one – even at my healthiest – but for those who know me and have followed me know that although curvy I was at a healthy weight and leaning out very nicely. What I am today is what it is, overweight, and although I am completely in favor of embracing your body I also know it’s important to be honest with yourself too. For right now though I’m too darn happy and in peace to let it bother me too much. And anyways when I was in shape I certainly didn’t look up different words for fit or healthy so this won’t be the exception for me!

Alrighty let’s get to it. Working out while prego and overweight has been pretty beneficial. Because I am pregnant it took me a few different attempts to figure out what my safe and comfortable zone was. I knew I had to keep my heart rate around 140 at most (a good gauge is that you should be able to keep a conversation going while working out), and at first I felt a little disillusioned because getting to that point took very little effort in comparison to about two years ago when I was kicking some serious butt 💪🏻 But I brushed that disillusionment to the side and focused on how strong I am to be taking care of me and my baby.

So here’s what I started and have continued to do for almost 15 weeks now. I workout about 4 times a week to 20 min prenatal workouts on YouTube followed by about 10 to 15 min walk. I’ve slowly added some very light ankle weights (1 1/2 lb each leg) and use 2lb weights for my arms. I know it’s ridiculous! But it works – I feel the difference during the workouts and again I’m prego. It’s not the time to set strength goals. Lesson learned: Muscles: use them or lose them – like completely. Sigh. The benefit to walking around here in Pittsburgh is that the terrain is not flat at all – certainly not for a long period of time. So the inclines are great! Sure I don’t think they are very great in the moment, but in hindsight I know it was an efficient walk!! I’ve also been stretching a lot and shout out to those kegels! In regards to eating (so important) I had planned to make much more obvious and big adjustments to how I eat, but I’ll be honest that has only consisted of subtle and minor adjustments.

Check this out though! I remember walking into my 12 week appointment thinking I must have gained more weight than they’ll like. I’ve already lost my waist, am squaring away, and just feel a little huge to be honest! To my surprise: I’ve only gained 1lb! Considering that with each of my other pregnancies I had already gained up to 15lbs in that first trimester this was a very nice surprise. It reminded me of what I use to say all the time when I was obsessed with working out – “Take care of it and your body will know what you’re trying to do.” Here I am making small changes, not always giving myself much credit, and the results have been awesome. Now I still have 25 weeks left and in these last 3 weeks the bump has grown tons so we’ll see what my next appointment reveals. I’m much more confident though that I’m doing my best and am excited that I have not allowed my weight gain to be a stumbling block for a healthy pregnancy (and hopefully a successful VBAC – more about that in a future post)

Cheers to pregnant and active!


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