A Happy Mother’s Day Indeed

How could I not write about the one role in my life that has created so many heart warming moments yet at the same time has forced me out of my comfort zone allowing me to grow and mature as a woman. One moment that will happen later this year – that I am certain will launch me out of my comfort zone – is adding our 3rd baby to the Builes clan. Having been through the roller coaster of motherhood for almost 9 years I have to say that this pregnancy has been the one where I am the least worried, least anxious, most relaxed, and happiest.

It was on my 33rd birthday in January 2016 when I committed myself to embracing the smallest and most mundane moments of motherhood – something I had never really made the effort to do. Something I know, from experience, is easier said than done. I also knew, first and foremost, that if this time was going to be different I needed to rely and surrender the road ahead of me to God- something I had certainly never made the effort to do. It’s been a freeing experience and it’s because of this that I am all of those things I mentioned in the 1st paragraph. I have laughed and smiled more and have been able to pick myself up after those tough and frustrating mom moments in ways that I had never been able to do in the years I had been a mother.

All of my Mother’s Days have been special and filled with love, but this year after having embraced the ordinary days with open arms, an open mind and heart, it is one of the happiest celebrations thus far. I’ll miss the day once its over, but I will go to sleep happily looking forward to my Monday: waking the kids up, making breakfast, constant reminders to get ready, packing lunch, brewing coffee, spending time in prayer, learning and playing time with Leslie, cleaning, organizing, cooking, laundry, writing, and so forth. There is nothing fancy about any of it, but I’m in love with all of it & I encourage you with love to try to do the same.

From one happy mom I wish all of you amazing moms out there a beautiful and blessed day ❤ God bless.


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