Boy or Girl?

While I am well aware that these old wives tales are not reliable or valid I’d be lying if I said I haven’t googled some to see if they agreed with what I am hoping the sex will be haha. Tomorrow we find out if our 3rd baby is a boy or girl so I thought it would be a great idea (all in good fun) to share with you what some of these old wives tales have determined, what others have predicted, and some extra fun 411.


Why I should be having a boy:

  • The Chinese Calendar: After conversion to all Chinese lunar dates I should be having a boy.
  • Cravings: This one is tough because if I’ve managed to gain 40lbs before getting pregnant (see post under Fit”Ish” titled Weight Loss, Weight Gain, and Pregnancy) I have obviously been craving and eating everything in sight (haha) and while that hasn’t changed too much since I found out I was pregnant 2 things stand out: At the beginning of my pregnancy if I could have eaten a lemon I would have, and one craving that really stands out is when I devoured a BBQ pulled pork sandwich – which I think I’ve only eaten one other time in my entire life! According to an article on LiveStrong (2014) some think the sex of the baby is most likely a boy when pregnant women enjoy sucking on lemons or become meat lovers. So I should be having a boy.

Why I should be having a girl:

  • Heart Rate: It’s been over 140bpm at every appointment so I should be having a girl.
  • The Ring Test: The ring went side to side so I should be having a girl.
  • How I’m Carrying: This baby bump has been the smallest and a little higher than my other 2 pregnancies, but overall I’ve always carried (and am carrying) wider than what some call “a basketball.” So I should be having a girl.

What others think:

  • I recently asked my few followers on Instagram (builesbooksandblog) to tell me what they think I’ll be having. Yesenia, my fellow sister in Christ and sorority sister, says girl. Meaghan, a friend from elementary school, says girl.
  • A mom, Merryn, from the playpod that Leslie and I go to says because it was a surprise pregnancy and because I want a girl it’s going to be unexpected and not what I want – a boy! Haha. Disclaimer (in the event I have a boy and he reads this in the future): I promise I am (was) just as thrilled to find out you were a boy and not a girl!
  • On my way out of my Thursday morning bible study one of the moms said she got a feeling for a girl.
  • My best friend and sister in Christ, Tamika, thinks it will be a boy.
  • Karen, my sister in Christ and sorority sister, thinks it will be a boy.
  • My adorable husband wants (I mean thinks) it will be a boy.


We have names picked out already, but I’ll share some that my son and daughter had suggested along the way until we made our final decision. None of which are on this list.

  • Ruben, 8: Alex, Steve, Alexander, Lily, Carolina, Ethan, John, or Ruben JR. There are clearly more boy names on the list so I guess I should be having a boy.
  • Leslie, 4: Sticky or Sticky #2 (LOL) Since I know she wants a girl I’ll just add this to “So, I should be having a girl.”


There you have it! Some light-hearted gender predictors that have been fun to read and try! We won’t be keeping the gender or the name of the baby a secret so shortly after we find out I will most definitely be writing about it. Stay tuned!


Team Girl 😉






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