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No task is TOO small 

“No task, assignment or project is too small or insignificant when it’s done to the glory of God.” 

-@leahdipascal (@get_repost) 

My everyday, in the eyes of the world, consists of the mundane, simple, and ordinary tasks. I don’t spend 8 hours of my day anymore putting together presentations for freshman retention initiatives, I don’t attend meetings, I no longer advise incoming or transfer students, I no longer guide and direct students to selecting majors or find the red flags to avoid them failing, I no longer have an office with my degrees or awards hanging on the walls for others to admire and for me to look at to then pat myself on the shoulder, and I’ll tell you I also no longer get much, if any, praise, recognition or encouragement the way I did before. 

On most days now I wake up a little earlier than my kids to pray, make my bed, and pick up whatever was left undone the night before. The rest of the day consists of feeding them, playing with them, having conversation with them, taking them to activities, disciplining them, teaching them, keeping the peace between them, laughing with them, and simply observing them doing the most ordinary things. 

Things I’d so often hear ‘about’ vs now when I actually get to see most of those things myself the 1st time they do it. Such small ordinary moments that forever impact and stay with you.   

When I’m not with them I’m keeping up with the home. I do a little something every single day and it helps with a tidy and clean house. I often left this responsibility to a housekeeper or it would get pushed to the side because I had more important things to do and I really did have more important things to focus on. I had to spend time with the kids I had barely spent time with during the week while also finding time for myself and my husband (unfortunately it was usually in that order – leaving my husband dead last and God wasn’t even on the list!) Once I made the decision to be a full time homemaker again I read A Woman After God’s Own Heart and it really helped me prioritize the home. Providing my husband, kids and guests with a home that flows with Jesus’ love, good energy, organization, and good food has been a very positive impact in my core family and loved ones. 

When things work out beautifully during the day I actually get some down time to relax on my own. I used to feel guilty about it because we live in a world where busy working women are applauded and admired and talked about so to transition from that mindset to a slower paced life (in worldy terms) is a process! But I praise God for those moments and feel His presence and then it clicks – my life now has these moments where I can actually pause and simply be with Him. Amen to that. Nothing ordinary about that! 

Earlier I mentioned the lack of praise homemakers get now a days. We’re looked at strangely sometimes and often hear the same reactions: 

“Oh that’s nice” 

“When are you going back to work?” 

“But your kids are older”  

“Oh good since you’re home can you do this favor for me?”

“The kids would be fine in daycare you know?” 

“What about the degrees you earned?” 

When I was working full time: 

“Go mom go!”


“What a great example for the kids!” 

“So proud of you!” 

“Keep on doing BIG things!” 

And I could go on and on for both lists! Let me make it a point to say that this isn’t a woe is me blog post. This is simply what many of us experience. Some are unmoved about it while others are. Regardless it’s a topic that is just not talked about too often. I often fell into the category of not understanding the lack of support, but that changed when I surrendered my life to Christ. God is my biggest cheerleader and encourager! He sees my work – my oh so ordinary work – and smiles with approval. He’s blessed me with earthly persons who are there for me – as I am for them. Let’s face it. When you choose to be a homemaker, let alone advocate for its value and importance in the year 2017, you become the minority amongst a powerful and raging progressive womens’ movement. I absolutely love that I’m teaching my daughter that choosing to simply care for your home 110% full time is an admirable choice in the eyes of the Lord; no matter the complete opposite message of today’s society. Titus 2: 3-4 is on my fridge reminding me to teach younger women to find love and humility in this kind of work. 

When I read the above quote by Leah Dipascal I also thought about my blog title, Tiny Bits of Everything, and how it absolutely resonates with my life. It’s quieter with a ton of ordinary moments that are forever impacting the most important role women have – motherhood. 


3 thoughts on “No task is TOO small 

  1. I used to think being a stay at home mom was easy until I became one with the push of the Lord. I was SO wrong. It is anything but easy. It is however a blessing and the greatest responsibility than any job one could ever have. Some days are hard but with the Lord we can persevere! It has been such a blessing to go on this journey of motherhood with you and for the encouragement. Keep on doing BIG things for God and your family. I pray other woman have the courage to do the same. “A good and faithful servant” will be far better to hear from the Lord than any praise here on earth.

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    1. It’s no coincidence that you and I made the decision at almost the exact time! God has been working in our lives so much. In our friendship, our roles as mothers, Christian women, and in our husband’s friendship too!


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