No Thank You

I have a hard time understanding why any woman, no matter where she is in life, no matter her age, her religious association or views , or her political and social affiliation would #nastywoman for anything positive?

And I know the term stems from the mouth of our current president and so it seems women have felt the need to make a point, but what point is being made exactly? I like to hold true to this life skill and characteristic that is underrated in today's society: when someone commits an error it's up to us to turn the other cheek and let our reactions reflect the kind of behavior we would like to see.

I think part of the progress women have accomplished is, yes, to be able to articulate our thoughts and opinions but why not with appropriateness, gentleness, and humility?

I love being a woman, but being part of any movement that uses this kind of verbiage is something of which I want no part.

No thank you.

God bless.

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