My New Role as a Mom

It was almost 3pm while I was driving home pregnant and with both kids in the backseat when it occurred to me (other than how tired I was) how much more I do with them in tow ever since I moved out of state – where I didn't know a soul and only recently am getting to know some friends.

I realized that that morning I had to wake Leslie up earlier than usual in order to drop Ruben off at a camp when in the past I would have had a family member or friend meet me at the house in order to not interrupt her sleep. I had his pick up later that day and in between and afterwards I had errands and appointments. Honestly, I would have probably asked that person to stay home with Leslie and Ruben in order to make it more convenient for myself; often times taking advantage of the saying "it takes a village."

Why is that saying so popular anyways? Women are empowered in today's society to do it all, but when it comes to motherhood it seems there's a slight shift. It's as if accomplishing things successfully and independently doesn't apply to raising your kids? I've been asked how I'll manage 3 young kids without any of the help I used to get, and well I've learned the answer is "I'm simply going to get it done because God's got me!" Philippians 4:13 tells us we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

This readily available help has no longer been available to me, and it's actually been a true blessing. It's challenged me in ways I would have never been challenged had we not made the decision to move away from loved ones. It's made me a better mom – a self sacrificing one which is often seen as a negative characteristic when in actuality it's quite humbling and creates a fierce yet quiet inner drive. I have learned to be much more flexible, less anxious, and I have spent SO much time with my kids it's unbelievable and very comforting.

My son was about to fall asleep recently when he turned to me and said "Mom, thank you for all the hard work you do for us." Although I don't do any of this seeking my kids' recognition today or in the future it's heart warming that at his tender age of 9 he has seen in me a shift that has impacted him so positively.

To the new role I've taken on, to the busy back and forth sometimes very long but fun and full of love days with my beautiful children: I'll take all of it because the good Lord entrusted me as your mom and there isn't anyone else who could take that place ❤

5 thoughts on “My New Role as a Mom

  1. Amén!!! Although I live near family members , everyone is way too busy to help out . My husband and I have zero free time and forget date nights lol.. the last five years have been very challenging to say the least…. but I know God has a purpose and I trust myself into him and know that he will never give me a task that I cannot handle or complete. I’m grateful that God has given me the strength to do it all and I’m constantly praying for more patience and strength . Thank you for writing from the heart ❤️ it’s truly a wonderful blog !

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