Embracing and Protesting Don’t Go Together

There is nothing more powerful yet peaceful than a person who is whole heartedly grounded in the Word and what it means to be a Christian.

Our pastor continued his teaching on Hebrews today and reminded us firmly that we cannot embrace Jesus but protest Him at the same time.

He gave some examples of what this means / looks like in today’s world while referencing Hebrews 10: 26-27.

– I love Jesus but I won’t go to church because I don’t need to.

– I love Jesus but I won’t read His word everyday.

– I love Jesus but I’ll do what I want with my money and fall into materialism.

– I love Jesus but I will keep bitterness in my heart.

– I love Jesus but I will simply live life how I want.

Do our lives and hearts and attitudes reflect obedience to both who He is AND His word or does it reflect a constant disobedience?

None of us are perfect. We’re ALL sinners. I am a sinner (past, present, and future) but I assure you that being sinners does not prohibit us from repenting and progressing towards a new life with Christ where we use His word alone as fuel to exhort one another (Hebrews 10:25). The only hypocrisy, as our pastor reminded us, is NOT that we were, are and will be sinners, it’s embracing Jesus aloud yet protesting Him by living a life and having a heart that reflects the opposite of His word.

The first step is to acknowledge our short comings and confess it to Jesus. Just you and Him. He’s waiting! And for those that are unable to do that; who are blinded to their ways – let’s pray for them and let’s correct and rebuke with His word firmly and with love.

Our pastor also reminded us that many will confuse the firm with love approach as judgment, but he said (give or take) “No! It’s not that. We’re called to do that with each other. The church and its mission (again referencing Hebrews 10:25) was Jesus’ idea.”

God bless.

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