A Grateful 2017

Here are 17 things that I’m most grateful for so far in 2017 (in no particular order):

1. Having experienced different seasons of the weather.

2. The moment I found out I had not caught my kid’s stomach bug, but was actually pregnant with my 3rd child.

3. My 3 children.

4. My VBAC.

5. My relationship with my mom and dad.

6. The new friendships I’ve made in the Burgh.

7. My time as a stay at home mom.

8. The children’s book I finished.

9. The non-denominational Christian church we became members of.

10. When one of my blog posts was published.

11. The safety of my loved ones during and after Hurricane Irma.

12. When my husband found a new job.

13. The Bible studies I’ve been a part of.

14. The meal train we were blessed with for almost 5 weeks after having had our 3rd baby.

15. My son accepting Christ into his heart.

16. Our family trip to DC.

17. Last but certainly not least I am grateful for the love of my life, my husband.

I pray that your year has been and will continue to be one filled with many grateful moments. God bless.

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