1 year in the Burgh

I can’t believe it! It’s been one year since the Builes clan left South Florida and blessed Pittsburgh with their presence haha! Here are some of the things we’ve learned and experienced along the way:

  • People here are very nice! At the beginning when strangers would smile, say hello, and even start a conversation Dre and I were very apprehensive! Who are you and why are you talking to us?
  • A lot more drivers here seem to follow the speed limit. I am usually one of the very few zooming by drivers which would never happen back home because according to loved ones I am a slow driver so imagine!
  • Speaking of driving – in most places here you cannot make a right turn at a red light. You actually have to wait for the green light. I still make the mistake and it’s only a matter of time before I get a ticket!
  • The sense of security and safety that exists in this community is very comforting but also very foreign to us!
  • They don’t sell any alcohol at grocery stores! At least none I’ve been to. Liquor stores only!
  • Housing costs are a lot less but groceries seem to be a lot more expensive.
  • There are a million Mexican restaurants within a 5 mile radius. What’s up with that?
  • I miss hearing Spanish everywhere and by everyone more than I had expected!
  • Any Pittsburgh team is a BIG (BIG) (VERY BIG) deal here! Black & gold everywhere!
  • In the township where I live (Mt. Lebanon) kids can come home for lunch and Kindergarten is only half a day.
  • Everyone seems to be a runner – even in very cold weather.
  • You’ll find bridges everywhere and whether well kept or falling apart it adds quite a charm to the city.
  • A lot of roads are curvy, winding, steep, and narrow.
  • There’s supposed to be a “Pittsburghese” language/accent but I have yet to pick up on it.
  • Pittsburghese style sandwich: coleslaw and fries in a sandwich. Dre and I have tried it. Not too shabby!
  • The city has all 4 seasons and we love it.
  • Charming homes like colonials and tudors nestled on tree lined streets can be found everywhere.

I’m sure I missed a few things, but there you have it! A list of some of the wonderful things we’ve experienced while here in Pittsburgh. We’re still so new, but it’s easily become home and we don’t have any plans on changing that. Cheers to a happy 1 year anniversary and to many more, God willing.

God bless everyone.

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