Movies & Memories

We’ve missed a few and some have turned into Saturday night plans, but for about 2 years now we’ve had Friday Family Movie Night. Although it’s a night we all look forward to the night itself isn’t always a smooth one. Here are some examples:

  • Choosing a movie we all agree on is impossible so someone is always very upset until they give the movie a chance and realize it’s not half bad.
  • A million questions on what is going on in the movie, what will happen in the movie, and why is that happening in the movie (If only they’d just pay attention, right?).
  • Bathroom breaks.
  • Food messes and spilled drinks.
  • Not enough room on the couch.
  • Someone took someone’s spot on the couch.
  • Someone is too close to someone on the couch.
  • Our infant wakes up.
  • Our dog needs to be walked.
  • One of us or all of us end up falling asleep.

But each and every time we still look forward to the next one and all agree we had a blast during the last one.

I am also well aware that sooner than later the kids will be making plans with friends instead and our movie nights will all of a sudden run smoother. Sometimes I yearn for that season in my life, but more often than not I don’t want it to get here at all. I’ll miss how excited the kids get because they get to stay up late. I’ll miss ordering all the specifics of food likes and dislikes. I’ll miss the feeling of the kids cuddled with me or looking over to see them cuddled with their dad. I’ll miss hearing their reactions to different parts of the movies (their laugh, their ooos and ahhhs). I’ll miss all of it. I know I will. But that’s how life is, right? Time passes and things change. In the meantime we hope we will have managed to create a fond memory for our kiddos out of something as simple as the bunch of us watching a movie on a Friday night ❤️

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