Being Still

There I was; sitting on a model couch staring mindlessly at the escalator while I waited for the saleswoman to tell me the soonest delivery date for a new piece of furniture. All of a sudden I found myself so relaxed. Much more than any adult should at a furniture store! What was it? Ah-hah! I was without the 3 kids and it was silent. Sure, there was some distant background noise of adult conversation and light music playing, but in comparison to the constant noise that is in my brain as a stay at home mom to 3 kiddos my body detected it as silence. You see, I’m in a heck of a busy season in my life right now and with that comes a ton of noise. A lot people. A lot.

Throughout the night we’re often woken up by the noise of our 6 month old crying for his bottle (or just because sigh) or my 5 year old yelling for us to go to her room because she’s scared. Thank goodness for a 9 year old who sleeps beautifully, and while I’m at it shout out to moms with kids much closer in age. Once morning arrives it’s the chaos of managing the 3; each with their own needs and demands. During the day I only have 2 with me but it seems they make up for the 3rd one being at school just fine! The afternoon hits and I’m breaking up arguments, entertaining and soothing the baby, reminding about chores and homework, answering questions, avoiding questions (hah), and so on. Even as I blog my 5 year old is right next to me playing with her toys, my 9 year old is whistling away, I can hear the white noise through the baby monitor, and I’ve been interrupted about 10 times (no lie).

This morning I read Amos 3:1 that says hear what God is saying, and the first thing I thought was “I can barely hear myself think or breath let alone what You are trying to tell me, Lord.” And just like that I thought of Psalm 46:10 that tell us to be still and know that He is God and Exodus 14:14 that tells us that He will fight for us, we need only be still.

And so yes, even in that furniture store, was a moment to be still and I was. It was delightful. What I pray for is that I learn to be still in those rowdy moments; that I can take a step back from the overstimulation that is my day to day right now and feel Him with me, nudging me in each moment and cheering me on.

God bless.

2 thoughts on “Being Still

  1. He is absolutely cheering us on in one of the most important things we will do as moms. Making disciples! What an absolute blessing to be able to stay at home!

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