SoFl Owns a Piece of my Heart

I’m at the Ft. Lauderdale airport waiting for my flight to take off reminiscing on such a fun-loving weekend all the while feeling some sort of nostalgia leaving this city. So, what makes my trip blog worthy? It’s what I just mentioned – the nostalgia that I’m feeling. It’s caught me off guard. Completely. I’ve enjoyed Pittsburgh a lot and it’s been great to us. So, what’s up? Let me explain.

Nostalgia is defined as a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

As soon as I drove into the city in the rental car I was overcome with a sense of familiarity that I had forgotten existed. It clicked that I’m still relatively new to Pittsburgh so I’m somewhere in the middle of the acclimating stage. I’ve been consistently having to rely on my GPS for over a year and because I all of a sudden realized I didn’t need to rely on it I felt at ease; relaxed. It sounds superficial but there were spanish songs on the radio. Heck, I could hear Spanish all around me as soon as I stepped foot into the airport, and I loved it! Not one person asked where I was from as soon as I spoke or tell me how nice my accent was. I felt like I belonged and I was immersed in my comfort zone.

As I ran around South Florida running errands with my mom, visiting with my dad and loved ones I appreciated things I didn’t think twice about while I lived here: flat roads and driveways, beaming sunlight, palm trees, all kinds of Latin restaurants and people, and turning right at a red light. Yes, in most places in Pittsburgh you cannot turn right at a red light. Also, the sun is so much stronger that my forehead is red yet I never went to the pool or beach … I’m just that white and it was not prepared for the Miami sun haha. Memories of everything and everyone flooded my mind and heart and I was letting it all sink in. I realized that it took this year and a half away to appreciate all those things and memories on a whole different level.

And just like that I had to admit that I missed South Florida more than I had realized or even wanted to admit. It’s where I was raised, met life long connections, fell in love, got married, were raising the kids, went through the best of times and the worst of times. How could I not feel that this place has a BIG piece of my heart.

We will continue to acclimate to the Burgh and with time it too will become more familiar and so on, but I’m grateful for the weekend and with a few tears (maybe more than a few) in my eyes I say “until next time.”

Time to board!


One thought on “SoFl Owns a Piece of my Heart

  1. Awh!!!!
    Girl I felt the same way went
    We first went back to FL as well. It can be overwhelming for sure. I cried for like an hour when we left! I know what your feeling! 💗


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