Vulnerability is Strength

I am a BeachBody Coach. Hah. Crazy to even write because although I’ve lost 15lbs recently I am also still 30lbs overweight. How the heck am I supposed to look at anyone with a straight face when saying that I am any kind of health coach when it’s obvious I am still overweight? They don’t know I’ve lost 15lbs, so all they see is what is in front of them! And that right there is what led to some of my insecurities front and center in my mind and heart for a bit. I thought I had successfully dealt with this so where had I been hiding these insecurities?

I’ll tell you where those insecurities were. They were hidden in a place of comfort, where I didn’t need to worry about being vulnerable. What will people say? What will they think? How am I going to feel? And so on and so on. I, unfortunately, let myself sit in this funk for about 2 weeks. But it gave me time to think and I realized a few things!

1. Vulnerability IS scary. Only a handful of special people in my adult life have been able to get to know such vulnerability, so I don’t take it lightly. Sharing my weight loss journey 45lbs overweight (when I first started) falls on the top of the list of scary stuff!

2. I don’t regret any of the times in my life where I’ve allowed myself to be vulnerable, so this cannot be the exception. Will I succeed or fail? I have no idea, but I need to give it my best attempt.

3. I’ve worked hard to learn the value of who I am vs. what I look like BUT to radiate that message to everyone – including persons looking to me for coaching I needed to shake off this funk asap. I needed to believe what I already knew!

4. Fear is a waste of time. It stops you from pursuing what you want in life. At the very least it stops you from experiencing a moment where you could learn and grow. It disguises itself as comfort when often it’s because the unknown is too much for you to handle. You push it to the back of your mind and heart convincing yourself you didn’t ever want it. Lies. Isn’t it funny how it always seems to find a way back into your life?

5. I also understand and believe that there is a time/season in life for everything. So, you simply must ask for discernment to know the difference.

Let’s wrap up. It’s suffocating to let fear control your decisions. So, let’s stop and turn that fear into hope, pray for guidance, plan efficiently and execute! It won’t always be a smooth road but ehh life is like that sometimes. Be vulnerable, show up, let be seen knowing you don’t control the outcome anyways, and stay excited about what’s ahead.

I’ll be here writing all about it!

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