Being Still

There I was; sitting on a model couch staring mindlessly at the escalator while I waited for the saleswoman to tell me the soonest delivery date for a new piece of furniture. All of a sudden I found myself so relaxed. Much more than any adult should at a furniture store! What was it? Ah-hah!… Continue reading Being Still


Movies & Memories

We've missed a few and some have turned into Saturday night plans, but for about 2 years now we've had Friday Family Movie Night. Although it's a night we all look forward to the night itself isn't always a smooth one. Here are some examples: Choosing a movie we all agree on is impossible so… Continue reading Movies & Memories


It’s OK

We've all been there. Plans, ideas, and goals change, take a pause, a standstill, or take a whole lot longer to achieve because well life happens - whether it's intentional decisions that change it all up or unexpected things. I've been a witness to this in my life and I've let my mind completely take… Continue reading It’s OK



Being a career woman is not enough. Being a stay at home mom is not enough. Being an in shape woman is not enough. Being a blogger is not enough. Being a brand chaser is not enough. Being a rich person is not enough. Being a dream chaser is not enough. Being a wife is… Continue reading Enough


A Letter to my Post Pregnant Body

Dear Post Pregnant Body, Go buy those non-maternity clothes that fit your new body. Stop squeezing into clothes that only remind you of what you looked like before you carried that beautiful baby. Stop putting on maternity clothes because you are no longer pregnant and your body right now is just as beautiful as it… Continue reading A Letter to my Post Pregnant Body


1 year in the Burgh

I can't believe it! It's been one year since the Builes clan left South Florida and blessed Pittsburgh with their presence haha! Here are some of the things we've learned and experienced along the way: People here are very nice! At the beginning when strangers would smile, say hello, and even start a conversation Dre… Continue reading 1 year in the Burgh


A Grateful 2017

Here are 17 things that I'm most grateful for so far in 2017 (in no particular order): 1. Having experienced different seasons of the weather. 2. The moment I found out I had not caught my kid's stomach bug, but was actually pregnant with my 3rd child. 3. My 3 children. 4. My VBAC. 5.… Continue reading A Grateful 2017