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At Their Worst, Love Them More

My son did not want to leave the house to do anything because he wanted to stay on his Ipad. He whined and complained and for the most part I kept going back and forth with him. When he reluctantly and slowly (speed of a sloth) got into the bathroom to finally get ready he… Continue reading At Their Worst, Love Them More


Movies & Memories

We've missed a few and some have turned into Saturday night plans, but for about 2 years now we've had Friday Family Movie Night. Although it's a night we all look forward to the night itself isn't always a smooth one. Here are some examples: Choosing a movie we all agree on is impossible so… Continue reading Movies & Memories

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Your Kid’s God Given Gift

As of recent my oldest has gotten into 3 of the coolest conversations with some of the employees at our local Trader Joe's. He's talked to them about tornadoes, sharks, and conserving honey bees. I've stood there each and every time amazed at just how much he knows and how confident he is in that.… Continue reading Your Kid’s God Given Gift

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No task is TOO small 

"No task, assignment or project is too small or insignificant when it's done to the glory of God."  -@leahdipascal (@get_repost)  My everyday, in the eyes of the world, consists of the mundane, simple, and ordinary tasks. I don't spend 8 hours of my day anymore putting together presentations for freshman retention initiatives, I don't attend… Continue reading No task is TOO small 


Boy or Girl?

While I am well aware that these old wives tales are not reliable or valid I'd be lying if I said I haven't googled some to see if they agreed with what I am hoping the sex will be haha. Tomorrow we find out if our 3rd baby is a boy or girl so I thought it would… Continue reading Boy or Girl?


A Happy Mother’s Day Indeed

How could I not write about the one role in my life that has created so many heart warming moments yet at the same time has forced me out of my comfort zone allowing me to grow and mature as a woman. One moment that will happen later this year - that I am certain… Continue reading A Happy Mother’s Day Indeed