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Serving the Homeless

Since I can remember I've had a soft spot in my heart for the homeless. I've given them money and food without hesitation or judgement. I guess I've always been able to understand that because I don't know the circumstances and/or decisions that led them to where they are my only concern is to bring… Continue reading Serving the Homeless

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Your Kid’s God Given Gift

As of recent my oldest has gotten into 3 of the coolest conversations with some of the employees at our local Trader Joe's. He's talked to them about tornadoes, sharks, and conserving honey bees. I've stood there each and every time amazed at just how much he knows and how confident he is in that.… Continue reading Your Kid’s God Given Gift

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Narrow Road

You find yourself in a conversation of worldly topics like the latest celebrity news, the latest technological advancement, the most popular song, the next big move in your career, the goals you’ve set at the gym/working out, the styles that are trending, the car you want or already bought, and so on. You hear gossip… Continue reading Narrow Road

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My Almost VBAC Journey

I should have known it was going to be an uphill battle when a pro natural birth, pro VBAC, pro woman's body, and highly recommended midwifery here in the area told me they do not allow a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section) if the woman has had more than 1 c-section. You guessed it, I've… Continue reading My Almost VBAC Journey

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Fight to do Right

That was the title of the latest family devotional night we had. The lesson had the family participate in a pillow fight and the teaching was that sometimes doing what is right can be a fight. I assure you that we clarified that this did not mean a physical fight! We asked the kids to… Continue reading Fight to do Right

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No task is TOO small 

"No task, assignment or project is too small or insignificant when it's done to the glory of God."  -@leahdipascal (@get_repost)  My everyday, in the eyes of the world, consists of the mundane, simple, and ordinary tasks. I don't spend 8 hours of my day anymore putting together presentations for freshman retention initiatives, I don't attend… Continue reading No task is TOO small